Taliban has completely taken over Afghanistan now. The Afghan government has fallen into the hands of the Taliban. The president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani has fled the country saying that ‘He doesn’t want any bloodshed in the country and for the people’s welfare he left’ as some reports claim that he has gone to Uzbekistan or Tajikistan but still now it is not confirmed where he has escaped to. Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan and the Talibans have conquered it from all the ends.

On 15th August 2021 Taliban entered into the presidential palace and took control over it. The US embassy has also evacuated their army forces from Afghanistan without informing the Afghanistan commander. Few weeks after the US army left Afghanistan the Taliban’s regained control over Kabul, the capital of the country. The remaining people are trying to escape from Kabul via the airport to leave the country at any cost because that is the only option left for people to get rid of their country Afghanistan and Talibans. There were chaotic scenes seen on the airport where even the Taliban’s started firing at the people and because of which 5 people were shot dead at the Kabul airport.

Indians evacuated from Afghanistan amidst Taliban’s control

The situation in Afghanistan is becoming worse day-by-day and rescuing people from our country was a big challenge to the government of India as now there is no government in Afghanistan to cooperate with and the full control of the Taliban prevailing there. As all the flights inboard and outboard were prohibited by the Talibans so it was difficult to escape people from there. So for that the Government of India had to send the Indian Air force aircraft to rescue the last batch of citizens of India, embassy members, journalists, diplomats, staff people and students are now safely evacuated back to India.

India’s next focus on rescuing the minorities

As the whole lot of Indians are not rescued as per the reports some Indian Nationalist are still there in Afghanistan to be taken back to India. In the coming time the government will try to bring back the nationalist along with the minority Hindu and sikh communities that are also stuck in Afghanistan.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that “India must not only protect our citizens, but we must also provide refuge to those Sikh and Hindu minorities who want to come to India, and we must also provide all possible help to our Afghan brothers and sisters who are looking towards India for assistance”.

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