There is a pleasant news for the Salman Khan fans. The shoot for Tiger 3 is all set to take off as Katrika Kaif and Salman Khan were seen at the airport leaving. The shoot will be done in an International location. After the popularity of the last two sequels, it will be surprise where the production will head to.

The film Tiger, basically revolves around the life of two agents, Zoya and Tiger. Tiger aka Salman Khan is a RAW agent who falls in love with Pakistan’s agent Zoya aka Katrika Kaife. The relation between the two tends to cause a stress between the organisations of the two countries but finally they unite and get disappeared.

Tiger and Zoya then leads an undercover happy life until they are greeted by the Indian RAW head for another mission. Pakistan and India unite as a team to save the nurses who are held hostages by a terrorist organization. The Ali Abbas Zafar directed film was a superhit that leaf to its third sequel.

The third sequel of the film will be shot in St Petersburg in Russia. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif were seen leaving for the shoot. Both were seen in a black look at the airport. The shoot has been kick-started with an energy packed car chasing scene. According to reports, the new sequel will have love chemistry, more action and patriotism.

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