Twinkle Khanna is a well-known Indian author, newspaper columnist, interior designer, film producer, and Bollywood actress. She released a non-fiction book, Mrs. Funnybones, in 2015. It was declared a bestseller, making her India’s highest-selling women writer for the year. Her second book, The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad, is a collection of small stories. One of them was based on social entrepreneur Arunachalam Muruganantham.

Akshay Kumar married the author in 2001. Together, they have a son, Aarav, and a daughter, Nitara. Akshay always credits his wife for his success.

Yesterday, i.e., 15 September, the senior actors’ son, Aarav, celebrated his birthday along with his family. Twinkle wished him with a warm photo of the mother-son jodi on her official Instagram handle. The duo was seen sitting under a tree and surrounded by greenery. Twinkle wore a denim shirt with jeans and sneakers. Aarav had worn a striped T-shirt along with jeans. Sharing the picture, Twinkle wrote, “Happy 18th birthday Aarav! Here is something I had written for you once and to keep loosening the string and finally cutting them off this year has not been easy.”

All these years you have been as much my teacher as I have been yours. I learned optimism, kindness, and wonder from you as I taught you math, a few manners, and how to switch the lights off when you leave the room. But looking at you growing up and listening to you repeatedly tell me how much you are looking forward to your independence. I have started realizing that when you finally leave my home, my world, and step into your own, my lights will go off automatically and my world will be filled with a bleak darkness. Though whenever you return for a visit, I will light numerous diyas and pretend that this is not a permanent power failure; we are just celebrating Diwali. I am already missing the little boy you were but am so proud of the man you have become,” she added.

Akshay also shared a tweet and a cute birthday post for his son who has just turned 19. He posted a throwback photo of the two of them celebrating Holi when Aarav was a little boy. Akshay also said that he cannot believe how much his son has grown.

Sharing the post the actor wrote, “ Can’t believe this day has come. Happy 18th Birthday to My Boy!! Big or small, I will carry you in my arms until it’s time for you to carry me. Now you’re taller than me, more handsome than me, with a Heart 10x the size of mine. The world can only benefit from you being in it.”

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