The Bollywood industry is well-known for its relations and family trees. While someone’s wife might be related to someone’s ex, the Bollywood industry has a lot of hidden relations too. One of the relationships is of Krushna Abhishek and Govinda. Govinda is Krushna’s maternal uncle. The two actors have been seen multiple times sharing the same stage.

Recently, Krushna Abhishek refused to be a part of The Kapil Sharma show upcoming episode featuring Govinda and his wifey Sunita Ahuja as the special guests. There have been bitter sweet moments in Krushna and Govinda’s relation. The two have had a patchy past resulting in a bit of coldness in their relation. Their relationship has strained over the years. Bollywood family wars is something often seen in the industry.

A source confirmed that the actors are not willing to share a same stage. Krushna on being asked about the same said that he is currently busy with an upcoming shoot and hence is not giving time to the show. The actor has been trying to fix his schedule in a way that both the projects gets his time. But this time he said, “I didn’t want to be a part of it, so I didn’t try to adjust my dates. I believe both parties don’t wish to share a stage.”

He also said that the two have mutually decided on this thing. He also explained that a family matter can be possibly discussed on the stage and so it’s better not to be a part. Krushna further added, that the audience awaits for Govinda’s visit on the show and he won’t change it.

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