The starplus serial Anupama has been taking a Masaledaar turn with the upcoming episode. Anupama and Vanraj are going to be shocked by Paritosk asks Toshu’s disrespectful attitude towards mother Anupama.

In the latest episode, Toshu will tell Anupama to not meet his friends as he is ashamed of his friends meeting her mother. He further adds how his dad Vanraj used to shame Anupama and tell the children, ”Anupama was ,masale-dani”. Toshu’s statements hurt Anupama and she was not at all okay. Vanraj in response to Paritosh’s attitude slaps him. He held him from his collar picked him up from the floor, and told him, “Maa ke pairon zameen jannat hoti hai, Aur baap ke pairon zameen chappal.”

Vanraj asked him to behave properly towards her mother. The sudden change of attitude in Vanraj is when Anupama takes matter of his extra-marital affair in her hands and decided to make him regret. Anupama even decides to sell her academy for her family and to repay the loan. The whole family was shocked by Vanraj’s attitude including Kinjal, Toshu’s wife.

The place was quiet and everyone was worried about Paritosh but this is something he needed. Kinjal gets angry because of Paritosh’s attitude and tells him to not leave the house. She has always been supportive towards Anupama. Paritosh gets angry on Kinjal for not respecting his decision. The father-son battle is taking a drastic change. The whole family will try convincing Paritosh to not leave the house. In this situation, Pakhi also gets upset and hugs her brother.

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