Will shehnaaz Gill Resume her shooting for honsla Rakh?

Actor Sidharth Shukla’s died on September 2 had taken aback his own family, friends and fans due to massive heart attack. Sidharth’s rumoured girl friend Shehnaaz Gill is in a state of shock after that news and is not well physically and mentally. She is not able to cope up the situation as she was very close to Siddharth Shukla and his sudden demise has left her in shock.

shehnaaz Gill will be seen with Diljit dosanjh in Honsla rakh

Shehnaaz Gill is prepared to seem in an upcoming Punjabi film, titled Honsla Rakh along Diljit Dosanjh. The actors shot for the comedy film, directed via way of Amarjit Singh Saron, in Canada in March. Makers of the film had first off deliberate to shoot a promotional track on September 15, but needed to put off it as she modified into now not in a role to report to the set.

Diljit who is presently in Budapest took to his Instagram reminiscences and shared that short the singer will begin dubbing the songs for the film. He in addition observed out that the teaser of Honsla Rakh also can be launched rapid and the movie will be released on 15th October.

It is being said that the makers are looking at finalising a date via the give up of this month and are hoping that Shehnaaz can be capable of shoot for the same. The director Diljit Thind, said, “We are looking for her to recover and heal from the grave loss. We had at the start envisage to shoot the tune on September 15 in London, however that couldn’t display up due to obvious motives. We will finalise a new date fast and could need Shehnaaz to be part of it, too, as she is an vital part of the film. I am in contact in conjunction with her supervisor and hoping that she will contact us in a few days.”

Meanwhile, Shehnaaz’s fans are leaving no stones to assist her. They are assisting her and displaying massive love on social media. They were trending #HonslaRakh on Twitter and asking Shehnaaz to stay sturdy as they’re constantly there at the side of her.

In 2019, Sidharth and Shehnaaz participated in Bigg Boss 13 together. They made headlines for his or her shows of love on the show and outside of it but in no manner admitted to being in a courting.

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